Your booth must be a Core, not a satellite in the Event

Cómo hacer un briefing ajustado a tus objetivos
Your Booth as piece of the Event

Booth at the events . Core or satellite of the event?

Your Booth at the Events. Must be a Core or Satellite in the Event?

A chapter to consider in the type of marketing we are managing, is the environment that inspires a congress or fair to join sectors of the industry, which facilitates that truthfulness.

The booth must be a powerful core, with its own gravity and what moves around it can exponentially facilitate that value of truth that is desired.

This chapter is often treated with conformity and superficiality. Many companies participating in this type of event give you limited resources to get everything a booth can bring you. 


The most used criteria are “I LIKE IT” or “I DON’T LIKE IT”. Transforming the process into a pageant of multiple drawings, in which a team absorbed in other issues,  chooses the winner of the project with the only quantitative and non-qualitative method, without taking into account much more important criteria.

This is one of the indicators of a wrong process in the selection of the booth, which occurs when the company asks for dozens of projects to study. It is easy to make a calculation of the time needed and people involved in the study of so many variables. A good process requires time and qualified staff in this chapter.

For this reason, it is important to choose a serious collaborator and capable of taking into account all the criteria concentrated in a complete, personalized and detailed briefing that express your needs. There are several criteria to take into account when guiding the development of what will be the booth that each of the planned requirements must meet.

If you want to know in detail what are the criteria and needs to take into account for the preparation of a project that fits your needs and objectives for participation in an event you can receive the complete information for free.


Once that briefing is established, you must have a creative team with the capacity to develop the optimal design and distribution for what you are looking for in that particular event.

To this team , others two should be added:

The person in charge of the financing part, who will advise on the investment and possible amortization of costs in the global project. And the involvement of a third team, that simultaneously carries out the legal procedures of the place where we are going to hold the event. Its logistics for a good coordination, the care and transport of all the elements, and manage the essential operations for the conception of that moment-booth.


At every step of this complex process, the opinion and point of view of the client, who is assisted by a technical-commercial team, must be present to maintain the basic criteria throughout the development, contributing ideas and strategies for the objectives previously established.


Obviously all this is linked to the materialization of the project, with absolute guarantees that the materials used, the shapes, the colors and the distribution of each area are respected, always with the advice, adaptations and adjustments with opinions and criteria of the client.

Each of these steps is essential for the booth to meet objectives.

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