Why conform with the known, having much more within reach?

Lo conocido y lo que nos aporta más
technological and social evolution

The Big Data in events What does it consist of?

The Big Data in events the most powerful tool for Marketing.

Approaching participation in an event is essential to start from criteria based on reality, the more precise, the better.

There are already few companies that attend a fair or congress as a simple social act. The unbridled advance towards a marketing with more and more precise objectives, has made the presence of a brand in a congress go out to search new objectives. There is an extensive variety of traditional formulas that are still successful, although sometimes limited, or not adapted to the new dynamics of today’s society.

Technological and social evolution?

It has begun to integrate tools such as Big Data – a reality that we have already reached within a technological and social evolution – that allow us to transform data into real-time information that facilitates decision-making, much faster and faster. 

Companies have been doing this with analytical tools that allow them to treat these large volumes of data more or less effectively since the fairs exist, through polls, business cards, analogue records, etc.

At present, only as a small example, networks in the digital world have revolutionized the speed of communication, in short, the interaction with customers and the way they provide services.

Is there anything special to consider? And, what is the real value of that data?

Is there reliability in the data I handle?

How can your booth contribute in solving these questions and also provide added value?

The complexity of Big Data lies in the step of evolution of all the sources we have and that continue to grow day by day, offering more measurement opportunities, transforming each type of data into infinite statistics, which give us more and more variety at the time of channeling and directing our goals. At present, the most common sources available to all of us, apart from the use of the different social networks mentioned above, GPS, Wi-Fi, IoT (Internet of things), for example, are already a point to start to be able to extract data. Of course, these are just a very basic example that defines today’s society at the common user level.

Why is Big Data the most powerful tool available for your campaigns and marketing strategies?

Now we have an immense number of strategies that give us different types of information, and this does not stop growing, and not only this, but this information is generated at any time and place. It is not necessary to enter to a store and buy something so that our preferences are registered, these data have already been extracted in different ways, indirectly, and without realizing it. All the large volume of information is collected and processed in real time, making it the fastest.

But we still have to know the value and truth of that information, and what is very important: How to take advantage of this great tool in our strategies. There comes into play the concept of Business Intelligence, or BI, which although it is not a new term, it has adapted to the latest advances, and it is through which, all information is processed and ordered for our purpose.

Thanks to Big Data, all marketing studies can be applied to a specific company in a given congress, time and place.

The analysis needs are different in each situation, it is essential to understand what is required to define well the data that we are most interested in knowing.

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