our mission

Stands and Interior Design

Our trajectory of more than 25 years in the fair sector endorses us and has served to perfect all processes, from design to disassembly.

We have a design studio formed by creative professionals with great experience, in which the projects are developed with a customized design to the needs of our clients.

We conceptualize the idea and give it shape with total creativity, contributing to each project the identity that enhances the image of your brand.

We make 3D graphics so that the client can see the complete project with all its details, and we adapt the corporate image of your campaign or we create new designs whenever you need it. We adapt to each budget achieving the best results, optimizing all resources.


Events organization

When an event comes to GARU, the first thing we think about is global design, the concept and how could enhance the visual and emotional image, because it will transmit the value of the brand to all attendees.

The evolution of technologies and social networks have a clear influence on the planning, organization and development of an event.

Planning, lighting, scenery or sound are other keys to an event, and what we are specialists in.  

Modular Solutions

We offer ideal solutions for small budgets or small surfaces.

From a banner to a whole modular stand, we work with a leading system, which makes a setup very fast and with unsurpassed quality, offering many options according to your needs.

In addition, with our modular and specially designed Stands , you will have your own identity and could adapt to different spaces. We design all the modules thinking of you and to be completely reusable whenever you need it.


Graphic Design

Visual Communication is very important so that your messages are transmitted with the highest quality and clarity possible.

As an interdisciplinary activity, in addition to combining visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge in the areas of communication, technology and business, we pamper the small details.

We are specialists in the design and organization of visual information in order to optimize the communication of your company in all its contexts, in all formats and materials.

Success Projects