Importance of “face to face” in the Digital era

cara a cara - Interaction at event

While the world is moving towards a virtual environment, there is no replacement for face-to-face interaction with customers. Therefore, companies are increasingly turning to events with the customers, to boost participation, loyalty and results!

In fact, 98% of customers are more inclined to collaborate with a company after attending one of their events and 74% of customers, improve their impression.

You can’t miss this opportunity! Garú Diseño helps you to take into account some keys:

1.- Customers want to give their opinion

If you want to know what your customers want in your events, ask them! One of the ways , can be to create a client committee for your event. Not only is an effective way to get ideas and comments, but you’ll get customers with “skin in the game.” The members of this group will become the greatest defenders that will help promote the event, as well as ensure that it is of high value to the attendees.
  A victory for all!

2. They want a PERSONAL experience:

Each client feels that their needs are unique to their organization and will want to feel that they took the time to create an explicitly designed experience for their individual needs. Creating personal agendas for attendees, guiding them on what sessions to attend and developing personal messages delivered through the mobile application are easy ways to make your client feel unique.

3.- Learning:

Customers want to learn something!
Keep sessions, demonstrations and agenda focused on topics, in which the client receives training on why your products or services should be considered.

4. They want to be protagonists:

People love being part of exclusive and special things that show their appreciation for your business: Dinners and VIP events, Recognition events in which certain customers are highlighted for an important achievement (preferably as a result of your product or service).

5.- They want a memorable experience:

Not everything is about the company, products and services. The most successful events incorporate “special programs” in which customers participate. For example: A charitable event, A special learning experience (such as a painting or winemaking class)Este tipo de programas son divertidos y promueven la lealtad, el sentido de orgullo, construcción de equipos… y tendrá un impacto significativo en el ROI de su evento y lo diferenciará de sus competidores.

From Garú Design, we can advise you and carry out that event that all your clients are waiting for!

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