Activities at your fair or congress stand

Actividades en un stand

Create Experiences

After studying all the intrinsic parameters of a good project, and putting the message that the client wishes to convey, a competent collaborator cannot ignore adding an experience that does not leave the visitor indifferent. Even that integrates the product in a metaphorical way, and with a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone. To achieve the desired effect on customers visiting the stand it is necessary to set the objective of the activity in the short and medium term.

Very Important when it comes to attracting the target audience

In this part of the stand, which is very important when it comes to attracting the audience we want, we can choose between:

  • Creating fun
  • Creating a didactic interest
  • Letting the visitor try the product for himself
  • The visitor immerses himself in the experience of being part of your product, becoming the protagonist for a moment.

In addition, everything must be integrated and interrelated to tell a story of its own.

How to integrate activities in you fair or congress stand?

Stimulating their senses, creating emotions with unique experiences, and letting the visitor interact freely and spontaneously, for example. From all the reactions this visitor has, we also learn. You can see here an example. And you must always take into account the fact that each person who enters the stand, is a focus of promoting our stand and, consequently, our company indirectly, since simply by simply taking a picture with your device mobile within our space, metadata of date and place are already being created, and if it also hangs on a social network, the disclosure is immediate, without having to do anything.

The decision on what type of activity is more efficient for each stand is very important, since this one, in itself, will help us capture the visitors that interest us, making a filter that will lead us to obtain the data that we need from a more concrete way, since it is useless to have our space full of people who will definitely never be our target audience.


We can guarantee that these articles have been written from the experience of many years, essential to ensure success both in the process and in the desired results. Our individualized, personalized collaboration produces effects such as contact between two chemical substances. If there is any reaction both are transformed. This is our experience, and we put it at your disposal.

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