who we are?

At Garú Diseño we have been creating spaces of ephemeral architecture for more than 25 years.

We are a multidisciplinary and avant-garde team, we guarantee the highest quality in our services. Thanks to our analysis and global vision, we provide the best solution to your projects, to help you to achieve your goals. The satisfaction of our customers is the most important objective for us, so each project is carried out with dedication and commitment, optimizing resources and achieving the best results with effectiveness in our products and services.

Garú Diseño, Servicios de diseño de Stands y montaje de stands en Madrid
Garú Diseño apostando por las últimas tecnologías

our vision

Our vision is unlimited and we have only just begun, we are aware of the evolutionary changes of new technologies applied as artificial intelligence. Get ready to see it improved and with real possibilities to apply it.

Our sector, which is closely linked to these technologies, giving us the possibility of offering new projects that integrate applications that will help us achieve your goals. Very soon we will offer them to you.

our team

Dpto. Diseño de Interiores- Garú Diseño, Proyectos de diseño de Stands y montaje de stands en Madrid

With our commercials you can share your dreams, our Designers are responsible for conceptualizing and designing your project, and model your idea in your space. Our Purchasing team rents the necessary equipment and materials, Planning Department takes care of the logistics so that everything goes perfectly, anywhere in the world. In our workshops we manufacture everything and graphic designers verify your image.

We have partners in several countries in Europe.

Dpto. Comercial- Garú Diseño, Servicios de diseño de Stands y montaje de stands en Madrid
Dpto. Compras - Garú Diseño, Servicios de diseño de Stands y montaje de stands en Madrid

process and production

All our departments are connected, with a closer professional relationship with our clients, offering an integral and personalized service.

In addition to having our own production workshops, we also have a team of collaborators in strategic locations at an international level to optimize processes.


“Garu”, a Japanese word that is used as a complement when we project feelings of other people.

The presence of this word in our brand emphasizes the fact that we care deeply about the emotions and feelings of our clients and collaborators.

our brand

our commitment

Our purpose is to guarantee that the activities carried out produce the least possible impact on the environment. With a Sustainable Development a balanced economic, social and environmental development is achieved, which allows future generations to enjoy a natural environment, the same or better preserved as we know it.

With the Good Environmental Practices, through changes in the organization of the processes and activities, we managed to improve the quality of our services:

  • Improve the environmental management of the organization
  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources and raw materials.
  • Minimize waste production
  • Avoid accidental contamination
  • Reduce costs