3D Virtual Events


3D Virtual Events: Keep celebrating your events online.

Now you have within reach a virtual world where you can do all kinds of events in the same way that you could do it in reality, but 100% online.

You have the different spaces that your event needs, offering a great experience to your visitors.

We organize your Online Event as the same in reality

Virtual spaces for what you need: From large Fairs with Stands, Congresses, Presentations, Team Building Sessions, Workshops, … the options are endless. Choose your avatar and speak in real voice with the other attendees. Meet hundreds or thousands of people in real time from your mobile, tablet or PC.

We personalize your brand image within the virtual spaces, we load your presentations, advertising banners, videos … everything you can imagine.

Thanks to this new technology, you can hold your Online Congress.

The rise of interactive 3D virtual events in 2019

3D scenarios adapted to your event

From the Lobby, you have access to the rest of the spaces.

Thanks to the Networking areas, you can hold private conversations in groups, between participating companies and visitors.

In the Showrooms, your design booth, with personalized attention, with access to your promotional content, Speak corner with screen, Panels with links, forms …

Moreover, you will have access to data and analytics of the participations.

For private meetings, there are meeting room spaces, with tables, screens and the possibility of linking web video conferencing applications.

A large auditorium for presentations where any kind of presentation and streaming video take place.

You can download here our Presentation in pdf

We wait for you in the virtual world!

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